Supply Chain Openings

Our team of skilled professionals bring vision, passion, and energy to our business. We are continually seeking the best talent to join our team.

  •  We provide corporate support for your independent success
  • Access to proprietary tools, technology and resources
  • Built-in peer network
  • Career path with opportunities for growth
  • We invest in developing employees by providing mentorship, coaching and leadership training
  • Providing unique supply chain leadership to hospital partners in the Midwest
  • “I left a very large corporation to join a family atmosphere at an up and coming company that focuses on taking care of not only its clients, but its employees, too.”

    - Kyle Cartwright
  • “I chose to work at PSI because I felt that I could use my skills and experience to make a meaningful impact at a community hospital.  The hospital I work at is a good fit for me and allows me to be innovative and entrepreneurial, which has delivered strong results to the organization.”

    - Gene Voelker

Cher Swindell

Phone: (614) 766-0101

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