Pharmacy Services Openings

Why Join Pharmacy Systems, Inc.? Our team of skilled professionals bring vision, passion, and energy to our business. We are continually seeking the best talent to join our team.

  • We provide corporate support for your independent success
  • Access to proprietary tools, technology and resources
  • Built-in peer network
  • Career path with opportunities for growth
  • We invest in developing employees by providing mentorship, coaching and leadership training
  • Pharmacy Systems, Inc. is the largest pharmacy management company in the Midwest
  • “What I like most about working for Pharmacy Systems, Inc. is it's a place where I am constantly learning and growing. What makes Pharmacy Systems truly unique, however, is its workforce of tremendously talented individuals with a broad range of pharmacy experience whom I can collaborate with to find solutions to any challenge.  The reason I decided to work for Pharmacy Systems, Inc. is because Pharmacy Systems is on the leading edge of pharmacy management and it's very exciting to be a part of that.  Secondly, the company demonstrates a genuine interest in the development and retention of its employees.”

    - Mike Keusch
  • “As a new Director, my people management skills were not very strong and I was uncomfortable dealing with challenging situations.  I participated in Crucial Conversations training, coaching sessions, and the Working Together EFFECTIVELY series. These PSI resources increased my confidence and gave me the tools, techniques and strategies to use for a wide variety of situations. These opportunities helped me turn the corner from being a coworker to being the leader of the department."

    - Beth Hall 

Cher Swindell

Phone: (614) 766-0101

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