Friday, December 19, 2014
  • More than a job

    "The employees are dedicated and the environment is positive, which is natural motivation. From the interview process all the way through today, I have felt at home. I feel that PSI will be a great place to grow professionally and I am honored to say I work for this company. "  -  Mari L., Director of Pharmacy

    More than a job
  • Are you Career minded?

    "When I need help with something – I know that I can reach out to the wealth of knowledge and experience of my peers and gain valuable insight to benefit my patients, nurses, and physicians.  It makes my job easier as a Director in knowing that I don’t have to develop/redesign every process for my facility –others are probably working on the same healthcare initiatives and we can share ideas to generate the most productive, cost effective outcome." - Sandra S., Director of Pharmacy

    Are you Career minded?



If you are interested in any of the following career opportunities, please contact:

Megan Snare, Director of Recruiting

Phone: (614) 766-0101 Ext. 36
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